We know, unquestionably, the vast majority of donors will be from those within the Doodle community, and many will be smaller amounts. We know too, those small amounts together can become significant. We thank them here for their kindness and support to the owner, and we hope they will become active members of this site and over time for our beloved Doodles in medical need. 

Paws of Light Veterinarians (Please scroll down to Paws of Light Recognition to see our Veterinarians.)

Veterinarians guide Doodle owners through the process of diagnosis, treatment, re-occurrence, and medical protocols. They are the people we come to depend upon and trust in the hours of greatest turmoil with our sadness and fears. Veterinarians who have donated, by way of services in kind or by discounting fees, will be recognized on this page. It is our way of thanking them and acknowledging their care and their work. We need only to be told by the veterinarian, or through the submitter or owner by emailing us at: doxjpl@comcast.net


Paws of Light Donor Organizations

Any organization, agency, company, or corporation may donate (e.g. co-workers of the owner), a classroom in a school where the Doodle might have been part of a therapy or service program may donate, and, likewise, any medical supply, dog food, or dog toy company may donate as a group. We will list those who support though donations on this page. Those who know the family, who know this Doodle, are encouraged to give a shout out to anyone in the community whom this Doodle's life might have touched.

A representative of that organization should notify the Doodle Messenger of a donation or local fundraiser at greeniesgs@comcast.net

 Petplan Insurance  

We are proud to announce that Petplan Insurance is our first corporate partner, rewarding us for every insurance policy sold through our website and using the partner code DOODLE, whether insuring a Doodle or any other breed.  Please support our Paws of Light Donor Organizations.



PawsAbility was established in 2007 by Janice Olynich, a Certified Prosthetist with a passion for animals and innovation.

Janice's early interest in animal care started when she took a part-time job at a veterinary clinic while in high school. After taking a different path with her formal education, Janice obtained an Honours degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario.

Her post-graduate studies were done in the field of Prosthetics & Orthotics at George Brown College in Toronto. When she came to the city to study she began working part-time at Westside Animal Hospital and kept that job for seven years, while studying and later while working full time.

After graduating from the Clinical Methods in Orthotics and Prosthetics program, Janice began working at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in their prosthetics department.

A chance opportunity to fit a dog with a prosthetic leg led to the idea of creating a Toronto-based custom prosthetic and orthotic service for animals.

In the years since its establishment there has been increased awareness of the products that PawsAbility offers, and enthusiastic acceptance by the many veterinarians who refer to this unique service.

Janice now works regularly with veterinary surgeons from the major rehabilitation and referral centres in and around Toronto, and as well with the University of Guelph Small Animal Clinic.

PawsAbility is located at 19 Waterman Ave. Unit #8 in Toronto.
For further information or to refer a client please contact janice@pawsability.ca Phone: 647.888.6809


Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective is a NJ based Poodle/Doodle/Fuzzy Critter Rescue and Rehome Service, based out of NJ. They are devoted to rescuing and helping Doodle Families and breeders Rehome their doodles without the need to subject them to "ads" that could spell harm to the dog. Since 2010, they have helped find loving homes for over 400 dogs and their love of "Oodles" has helped them give back to the Doodle Community through fundraising and support efforts. Oodles roots began in 2008 and with a reorganizing in 2010, Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective works with many other rescues, shelters, fosters, and groups throughout the US and Canada to help find wonderful, loving homes for our beautiful "breed." 


Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective has partnered with The Doodle Messenger since 2010 in the aid and support of several fundraising efforts. 


Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective is a National 501(c)(3) entity and donations are tax deductible - They help collect donations for our Doodle Messenger efforts through Paypal.com, to rescuecollective@gmail.com - Use the memo box to specify where you would like your donation to go.





Jennifer Furjanic:

John and I are happy to be the owners of two goldendoodles – Cody, who is 5 yrs. old and Bucketz, who is 4 years old.  The day I did a google search for dogs that didn’t shed a lot and happened onto “doodles”, our lives were changed forever!  They have made our house a home and have brought us together with wonderful people all over the country – and Canada, too!

We both are very involved in making hand crafted gifts and make a lot of things with pets in mind.  Combining our two favorite things – doodles and crafts – we’ve named our business “The Crafty Doodz”!  We were able to donate a unique hand crafted pen with inlay paw prints and several dog-themed scrapbooks to the 2011 Romp Around the World raffles to raise money for IDOG.

While we are fortunate to have two healthy doodles, we want to use our crafts in any way we can to help raise money for the IDOG rescue & rehome efforts and especially to help the families with doodles in the Doodle Messenger program.  
















Paws of Light Recognition


Dr. Juan Marti

Veterinary Surgical Specialists
Beach Veterinary Referral Center
1124 Lynnhaven Parkway
Virginia Beach, VA 23452-4814

(757) 821-1040

Dr Marti is a board-certified surgical specialist offering:

  • Fracture repair
  • Knee ligament surgery such as Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)
  • Total hip replacement surgery
  • Spinal surgery
  • Tumor removal and/or resection
  • Gastrointestinal surgery

Additionally,  Dr. Marti is highly-trained in non-surgical management of orthopedic problems. He regularly evaluates, diagnoses, and medically manages dogs and cats with conditions such as osteoarthritis, intervertebral disk herniation, and soft tissue injuries such as ligament sprains.

Dr. David Genovese

Animal Allergy & Dermatology
1100 Eden Way North
Suite 101C
Chesapeake, VA  23320

(757) 366-9099
Fax:  (757) 366-9030

Dr. Genovese is a 2010 graduate from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation he spent a year working at the University of Florida as an intern; while there he developed a passion for Dermatology. He now sees only dermatology cases as a resident at Animal Allergy and Dermatology . Clinical research has always interested Dr. Genovese, and he has written and been involved in numerous research projects. He is a native of Chicago, but has quickly learned to love Virginia Beach and the wonderful pets and clients that live here. Special veterinary interests for Dr. Genovese include hairless animals, skin barrier dysfunction in atopic dermatitis, and superficial fungal (malassezia) infections. He lives at home with his wife Allison who is also a veterinarian and his two year old daughter. Four legged members of the household include an allergic English Bulldog, a beagle with autoimmune skin disease, one sphinx cat with congenital cardiac disease, and one additional healthy sphinx cat. Most of his free time is spent reading, writing, and playing with his daughter.



Dr. Steven Groves, DVM

Groves Veterinary Clinic
848 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, FL  33953-3068

(941) 391-5251


Dr. Steven Groves, owner and medical director, is a native of Charlotte County and has had a lifelong love for animals. Dr. Groves attended the University of Florida and received his Bachelor's Degree in Animal Sciences with an Animal Biology Specialization, graduating with honors in 2002. He continued his education at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and was awarded his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2005.

A member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, Dr Groves also serves as the President of the Charlotte County Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Groves has had extensive experience in a variety of clinical settings, including emergency hospitals, private veterinary practice and community animal shelter programs. He is particularly charismatic about orthopedic surgery. In fact, Dr Groves is the only veterinarian in Charlotte County licensed to perform the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy, a surgical procedure to correct torn cranial cruciate ligaments in dogs. He has completed courses in advanced techniques in small animal fracture management through AO North America, an organization at the forefront of trauma and musculoskeletal surgery in both human and animal medicine.

During college and throughout his career, Dr Groves has made community involvement a priority. Dr Groves promotes and attends several community service functions including events to support Englewood Animal Rescue and The Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County. Dr Groves played an integral role in the establishment of the first spay and neuter program now available at The Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County. He works closely with local rescue organizations, offering care to foster animals that may otherwise go untreated.

Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr Groves enjoys scuba diving, golfing and boating. He is owned by two American Staffordshire Terriers named Rogan and Bevan.


Dr. John McLemore, DVM
Gateway Animal Hospital
8000 4th St North
St. Petersburg FL   33702
Phone: 727-577-6500

Dr. McLemore is not only an outstanding Veterinarian, but an avid golfer with a hole in one at his local club!  Doodle owners love perfection! 

Dr. McLemore has offered to accept the donations for Abbey Doodle of the St. Petersburg - Tampa, FL area. Abbey's owner has been using Dr. McLemore's practice for nearly twenty years for her dogs. Prior to Abbey's hip surgery, Dr. McLemore will present a check of accumulated donations to the owner and made out to the surgical offices where Abbey will have her procedure. Although that office wanted to help, their hospital is a very large surgical practice and the Veterinarians there felt the donation could be lost. Dr. McLemore has stepped in to resolve this issue. 

As a graduate, in the mid 80's of Auburn University, Dr. McLemore owns Gateway Hospital and has grown his practice to such a point as to add other DVM's and then to have moved into a new facility. His own specialty is radiography and internal medicine for small animals. 

In 1996 Dr. McLemore was President of the Pinellas County Veterinarian Association and was honored for his service in that capacity by his colleagues.  He is a member of the AVMA, the AAVH and Pinellas County Veterinary Society, and the Florida Association of Veterinarians. 

The Doodle Messenger Founders Board thank Dr. McLemore and his staff for helping Abbey and her family to reach the surgery she so desperately needs, and we honor him for his help in collecting the donations through his office.


Dr. Gregg Kuehnel, DVM
West Boca Veterinary Center
9908 Yamato Road, Suite 102 
Boca Raton, FL  33434

Dr. Gregg Kuehnel is Keola's Primary Veterinarian. Since the donations for Keola's surgery and rehabilitation will go to both the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine in Gainseville, FL, and to her Rehabiliative Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Moore, in Coral Springs, FL,   

Dr. Kuehnel has offered to accept the donations for Keola through his   office in Boca Raton, and provide the accumulated total first to the University of Florida,pre-surgically, and should there be additional funds,to the Orthopedic Surgeon's office.

Dr. Kuehnel grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and recieved his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Miami.  In 2002 he graduated from the University of Florida Veterinary School of Medicine and in 2009 opened his general practice in Boca Raton, FL.   With his wife, Kim Simons, also a DVM, they own West Boca Veterinary Center (WBVC)on Yamato Road in Boca Raton, FL.  He is best known by his clients as, "that guy who sits on the floor with the animals!"  He talks first with his patients and then with his human clients, then back with his patients. His calm and easy manner make him a favorite DVM in the West Boca area and even to snowbirds visiting FL with their companion animals. 

Something especially interesting about Dr. Kuehnel is that he himself owns a fairly young, white,standard rescued Goldendoodle named Gilly. Gilly was an International Doodle Owners Group rescue in early spring of 2010 who now has become official greeter at WBVC and hardly ever leaves his side. Quite a love story is theirs, plus, Gilly commutes daily with Dr. Kuehnel to "work"! 

The Founders Board Members thank Dr. Kuehnel for going the extra step  on Keola's behalf, recognizing as we do, both Keola and his own Gilly   have both been saved, and for Keola will come days ahead when she will prance on her new total hip replacement to "talk" with Dr. Kuehnel. 


Dr. Leonard Silverman, DVM
Practice Owner
Prospect Park Animal Clinic 
105 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, New York 11215
718-768-6125, 718-499-6677
Fax: 718-788-5519105 Prospect Park West

Bella's primary veterinarian (see Bella's tab on our home page),  Dr. Leonard Silverman, is a graduate of SUNY with a Bachelor of Science degree, and a graduate in 1978 from the University of Bologna in Italy. His concern for Bella as a young dog with both diabetes mellitus and developing cataracts, which can leading to blindness unless removed, has referred Bella's family to New York City's Animal Clinic, a  larger and very busy multi-specialty surgical medical center. There, Dr. Alexandra van der Woerdt will remove Bella's cataracts (while attempting to control her diabetic issues during surgery). Dr. Silverman has offered his practice as a location for donations for Bella. Dr. Silverman will transfer the money for surgery directly to Dr. van der Woerdt. This makes the donation process easier and faster for the family to reach a donation location. As Bella's primary veterinarian, he is most concerned about her condition at such a young age.  

It is Dr. Silverman who assists the family with Bella's diabetes on a frequent basis. From the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle community around the country, thank you Dr. Silverman for helping Bella and her family at this critical time and monitoring her condition with her family as often as you do. Congratulations on becoming a Paws of Light Veterinarian. 

Bella's Primary Veterinarian also has been joined by another Veterinarian as a Paws of Light Veterinarian.  Look for Dr. Kuehnel's kindness as a link from Keola's surgery.  We are including Dr. Kuehnel here so he can be congratulated on becoming a Paws of Light Veterinarian, and we thank them both.