Our Process

Any Doodle owner OR friend of a Doodle owner may submit to us the following information regarding a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle whose family is encountering substantial or outstanding medical bills due to critical illness or injury.

Doodle Information:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Age
  • Nature of  Illness (an overview)

Owner Information:

  • Name
  • Address:( Street, State (Province) Country)
  • Telephone
  • e-mail

Primary Veterinarian Information:

  • Full Name
  • Address (Street, State (Province) Country)
  • Telephone
  • e-mail

Submitter's Information*

  • Full Name
  • Address (Street, State (Province) Country)
  • Telephone
  • e-mail
  • Attach a Photograph of the Doodle
  • How did you hear about The Doodle Messenger?
*Submitter (applies to owner also)

Please note: It is very important to tell the story of the Doodle in ways our wonderful donors can understand: 
A beginning, a middle, and the diagnosis at the time of writing
Duration: how this began, what happened, what is occurring now.

For example, is the Doodle at home, or is the Doodle hospitalized? Tell us the story in ways we can fully understand and empathize with.

Veterinarians will be contacted to verify illness and potential cost. The owner or submitter should contact the veterinarian's office to indicate the Doodle has been submitted as a potential recipient of funds by donations to be applied directly to the account of the Doodle.  Therefore, a member of the board will be contacting the veterinarian to verify the information and further explain the meaning, intent, and importance of these donations.  This might be a good time to suggest the veterinarian look at The Doodle Messenger site.  Ideally, this physician will also interact with drug suppliers on behalf of this Doodle in the event donations might be sent from those companies.

Submissions should be sent to greeniesgs@comcast.net


How Things Happen

  1. After verification of illness, the board will e-gather to decide and discuss those Doodles in the most urgent financial need, and at that time a new posting will be added here.  Likewise, every effort will be made to tell the story of this Doodle's current struggle.  Yes, there may be some Doodles who will not make it to this page because their illness may be part and parcel of dog ownership (tail between legs.)
  2. No last names of owners or submitters will be used in posting Doodles in need.  We respect both the privacy and the grief accompanying a companion's illness.  And we understand and accept we are discussing illnesses which make a financial impact on a family.  We can, and will accept postings of Doodles in Need from the director of any Doodle organization...and retain the same protocol in handling those as with any other friends of Doodles.
  3. Whether a sick Doodle is from a breeder, a rescue organization, or found as a stray...all are treated equally here. (clapping paws)  We encourage all Doodle forums to link to this page from their own site.
  4. We are not a corporation.  We do not provide any tax deductible forms for a donor's gift.  We serve to be the messenger of a plight and a place to come should friends of Doodles choose to provide financial assistance.  We accept no liability in our effort to assist families in these desperate situations.
  5. When a majority of the Founders Board agree by e-vote to place a Doodle on this website, donations can begin immediately.  We encourage all submitters, owners, veterinarians, friends and family of the Doodle and forum members to contact others known to them who might want to join in the donation effort.  Posts on different Doodle forums that a new dog has been added and to please visit The Doodle Messenger would be of utmost importance in spreading the word to the world wide Doodle community.
  6. Should a Doodle's donation photo and story be removed from The Messenger, it will be replaced with updated information.
  7. The Doodle dog's owner or submitter MUST contact the primary veterinarian whose name is listed on the submission and explain that donations for this dog may begin shortly; that a Founder Board member will follow that initial veterinarian notification by telephone or e-mail to verify the submission information and provide any additional details regarding the donation process and time line for when the checks or telephoned credit card calls may begin to arrive at the office.
  8. Because of the differing ways and manners of individual veterinarian's accounting practices and procedures in the United States and around the world, size and diversity of practice and employees, no total amount of donation to an individual dog will be known to donors.  However, the total amount will be felt by the owner in on-going care of the dog.  The veterinarian can feel free to contact the Founders Board with any updates on the dog or a total amount provided for the dog's care if that is possible, but it must be agreed upon with the Doodle dog's owner.
  9. Founder board members are all volunteers, some live in different time zones.  Expect to hear from the board no earlier than one week from submission, unless the submission coincides with an e-meeting of the voting members, or an emergency e-meeting can be called.  Board members live in differing time zones and countries.  Some have workday obligations.  Plus, that week's period of time also allows for contact with the veterinarian.  Contact with the submitter will be made during this time as well.
  10. In cases of emergency, automobile accident, amputation etc., know that the Founders Board will do everything to expedite the matter of placement of a dog on The Doodle Messenger, however, submitters, whether friend or owner, must decide for themselves the difference between emergency and urgency in assisting the board to make a decision to place the dog on the Messenger.  Additionally, as the dog is or is not placed on the Messenger, be assured there will be discussion on your behalf as to whether the condition of the dog is something possibly considered cursory and usual to owning and raising a dog, or an insult or disease not ordinarily expected over the life of a Doodle.
  11. No Doodle who is not already a patient with an identifiable primary veterinarian can be submitted.  Responsible dog ownership is implied in the foregoing statement.  This veterinarian will have seen the dog in the past, for example a wellness visit or provision of immuniztions, and, thus is identified as having an on-going relationship with the owners.  To enhance the process of placing a Doodle on our page, it is important that the owner have told the veteriarian, even if that owner has been submitted by another person, that a member of the Founders Board will be in personal contact with the veterinarian, not with the office staff. Periodically the board member who handles this interaction may have to wait several hours or days to speak with the veterinarian as he or she is available, and no dog can be placed without this conversation with the primary or oncology veterinarian.  The veterinarian then either shares information regarding how donations will be recieved in the office with the staff, or the veterinarian may place on the phone the appointed office member who will share the information with others in the office who may recieve either a telephone donation or a donation by mail (check or telephoned credit card). 
  12. If a veterinarian's office chooses not to participate, the board will get back to the submitter immediately.  Our experience has rather been one of cooperation and understanding.
  13. The Doodle will be referred to with the veterinarian as: Fido Smith, (last name is owners) a GD,  LD, or Australian Doodle, who belongs to your clients, owners' name, John and Ann Smith.  This is the only time an owner's name is mentioned in our process.  Submitter and owner's last names are otherwise not used in the Messenger as a matter of privacy.