As soon as you realize your dog is missing, please contact me via e-mail.

1.  I need your name and e-mail address.

2.  Please include your phone number.  If you don't want it listed tell me and we will ask people to e-mail you.

3.  I need your dog's name, size, and color.

4.  We MUST have your most current picture of your pet.  Please send it as an attachment.

5.  After you have done this, go to the bottom of this page and check out other resources for finding lost pets.

I usually see my e-mails in a relatively short time from when they are sent.  No matter how busy, I'll post right away and send the description to another Board member who will post on the other doodle forums.

We wish you the best of possible outcomes.  

Susan Salzer

              ROSIE - LOST IN ATLANTA AREA   1/27/2013

Lost Dog - Atlanta Area

Rosie photo photo-107_zpsdb43e54c.jpg
Rosie is a rescue dog - a white fluffy 25ish lb labradoodle - who jumped
the fence and ran away from a house on Woodland Brook Drive in Vinings
on Sunday afternoon, January 20th. The last sighting was at 12:30 pm on
Sunday, January 27th on the train tracks near Woodland Brook and Log
Cabin Road. At that time, she was seen running under South Atlanta
Road, following the train tracks. She seems to be moving away from the
Vinings area, possibly toward Bolton Road, as she follows the train

Rosie has seizures and needs her meds. She is also reported to be limping
and may have a hurt front paw. 

She is very very sweet but very very scared. If you can corner her, she
will not bite but please do not chase her. 

Please call or email if you see her - we would very much appreciate your



BEAU missing since around April 15 from Dunwoody, Georgia - Roberts Drive area



Beau missing since around April 15 from Dunwoody, Georgia - Roberts Drive area


Beau is about 45 lbs and has tan fur with a tint of red.  As of mid-April his cut was fairly short.  

Call Rodney at    404-851-9711 Phone
                       404-851-9959 Fax

Picture to be posted tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17, 2011, as will contact information.  If you find him before that contact greeniesgs@comcast.net or doxjpl@comcast.net




This 40-50 lb Goldendoodle was seen after the storms roaming three miles from Interstate 85 just east of Hogansville, GA in the St Marks Community. 


This past Friday, May 13th the dog was trapped and captured.  The Meriwether Animal Shelter where they scanned the dog and found no microchip.  They also gave the dog a shot…not sure what… 


The dog was placed in a pen where it immediately dug out and fled.  The dog is now closer to Greenville and Luthersville GA than Hogansville. 


Meriwether Animal Shelter has no updates at this time but said the dog was not very matted, indicating it had not been neglected long term, and the dog was not vicious but was not comfortable with strangers.


Hogansville, Greenville, and Luthersville are all about halfway between LaGrange Ga and Newnan Ga.  Hogansville is only about 15-20 minutes south of Newnan.


Greenville is about 20 minutes east of Newnan via Mooreland. 


Thanks Anne Turner.

Found:  Labradoodle found in North Central South Dakota May, 2011


I understand you help people find lost labradoodles... I found this guy Sunday night in the hills by the river, northcentral south dakota. From the looks of him, I'd say he's been lost for at least a week, maybe more. 

No collar/tags, and no groomer or vet in the area has been able to identify his owners. I'm also running ads on the radio, craig's list, bisman online and ebay.  Can you put him out there as well?

He's a medium to large size dog - if he weren't starved skinny he'd probably weigh in around 50-60 lbs, as it is, I can pick him up so he's probably only maybe 40. He's white (off white) and I'm pretty sure he's a labradoodle (see photo).

He had no collar or tags - I'm taking him to the vet on Thursday to see if we can find a chip.

The owners, if you find them, can either call me at 605-277-4144 or email me here.

Roberta Dulay

LOST:  SLOOPY in Slade, KY - Monday, April 18, 2011

Sloopy is a red mini Goldendoodle, about 16 inches at the shoulder and 20 lbs.  She was last seen at Miguel's Pizza in Slade, KY, at about 5 PM 4/18. A couple pictures are attached. She is very shy so calling or texting me if she is seen is better than approaching her. (614.209.1177)

Update from Charlie's family - January 22, 2011


 Charlie is still not home.  :(  Whenever I can't stop thinking about him, I start searching on-line hoping that a different mix of words might bring up something.  Often,  this site pops up, and I guess it's been a while, or I was  in such a fog before - thank you for all of your kind words and prayers for our boy.  We think about him EVERYDAY. 

I SO want him home.  I love seeing all of your doodles and their smiling faces, those big fuzzy grins!  My girls and I have our moments, but laugh about him a lot. 

We've exhausted our efforts with signs, posting, internet  searches, newspaper articles, two different dog-search  teams, mass phone-calls, even psychics . . .  I just want him HOME!   We've gotten several other doodles - and a Pit Bull  who happened to cross my path while out searching for Charlie - back home.  I will never again just assume that a dog passing by is "on his way home".   I'm pretty sure that our local Animal Control says "it's her again" when I call  to report another animal!   So anyway, we have no happy ending yet, and I'm now working with our Humane Society trying to fix some problems with microchips - there's got to be something "good" to come from this heartache!   Thank you all for your support and kindness! 

Prayers for Charlie, and hugs to your doodles,


"Charlie" - LOST in Jefferson, Maryland

During a brushing, my husband removed his collar with his ID tags, then let him bounce and prance around in our fenced-in backyard.  Unfortunately, he left the back gate ajar when he was doing yardwork, and Charlie, who loves to play chase with him, took off.  I was out shopping and raced home while neighbors canvased the neighborhood to find him.  By the time I returned home a half-hour had passed and Charlie had not been spotted.  We drove around until past dark, then I stayed up most of the night getting fliers ready, posting his picture on sites to find him, calling Animal Shelters . . .

Charlie is a cream colored goldendoodle. He has a shaggy, curly coat and a long tail. He is neutered and microchipped. Charlie is 56 lbs. He is a friendly 3 year old family dog.

Charlie was lost on April 18th in Jefferson, Maryland. He is not wearing his collar. Please call (301) 473-5455 if you have any information. Please also call Animal Control in Frederick, MD. 

**Update on Charlie - Still Missing** May 21st, 2010

Stacie and Eric have brought a new Doodle pup into their lives. They continue to search, including hiring a search dog with its trainer to follow Charlie's scent. The dog was able to smell Charlie for several miles until it stopped abruptly. The family, neighbors, and friends continue to follow any leads in their search for this big, white Goldendoodle boy.  Anyone in the state of MD and surrounding states are asked to keep an eye out at dog parks and places where dogs congregate for day care or romps, and  to send e-mails to friends you might know in the area where Charlie went missing. Charlie's mother was interviewed yesterday by a reporter from the Fredericksburg News Post for a story about the lost Doodle, and the Founders Board Members hope more publicity will help in the search.


Update on Coal - December 9, 2010



Yesterday Coal's owners received a phone call from a fellow living fairly close to where Coal went missing and near the orange grove where it was thought he was seen last week.  The fellow told them he had the dog with him and Coal's family rushed over to the house hoping Coal was, indeed, found.  As it turned out, it was the same dog sighted, however, the look alike was a female dog and the fellow had taken her to the vet and vetted her (kindly).  Coal's family is going to continue to hope providence brings them to Coal, or Coal to them through a veterinarian or a shelter in the Central Florida area.
They have asked us to keep him on the Messenger no matter how long that  takes.  They want to believe that Coal is living and loved somewhere.
This was a difficult time for them as they had left a family shirt and treats where the sighting had taken place, and gone back several times.  We know you join us in the sadness that this was not Coal afterall.  But, there are angels who find dogs and do follow up as this gentleman did.  Wishes of the season to Coal's family and to all of the lost Doodles on on the Messenger.  Thanks everyone for your energy and prayers 

"Coal" - LOST in St. Cloud, Florida

Coal was in the care of a Vet Tech in St.Cloud, Florida (near Orlando area) while we were visiting friends down in the Key’s. Unfortunately, she left a window in her home open and Coal escaped through the window. That was on March 1, 2010, and he was spotted several times that day, but there have been no positive sightings since then.

Kim and I worked the St.Cloud neighborhood for the remaining two weeks we were in St.Cloud. We peppered the area with posters, placed numerous adverts with no positive results. We have offered a reward of $2,000.00 for his return to us. We are placing a further advert in the Osceola Buzz, which starts May 1 and runs for a month. This paper was recommended to us by the Osceola Shelter whom thinks it is the best local vehicle for his return. Of course this is assuming that Coal is still in the St.Cloud/Kissimmee area.

Coal is a 4 year old male mini (sometimes known as a medium in the United States), Labradoodle, neutered, micro chipped and is completely black except for a grey moustache and beard.  He weighed 50lb when he went missing.  We can be reached, the John Shaw family, in Canada with any information. Thank you.
705-888-4491 cell

**Update on Coal - Still Missing** May 15th, 2010

Over the last three weekends, teams of Doodle owners and Breeders have searched and posted flyers in the areas where he was last seen and where animal communicators suggested he is living. An article about Coal was in the largely circulated, Orlando Sentinel, accompanied by photo's, and an ad in the Osceola Buzz has been placed for the month of May. Special thanks to Marianne, Kevin, Kerul, Amy, Kelli, and Crystal from the family. The CSI (Canine Search Investigators) have posted and left flyers, spoken with and interacted in parks, malls, neighborhoods, and hundreds of people in an approximate ten mile area. The search will continue. In that process, Kelli, of Moss Creek Doodles sent to the family  by air cargo a black Dood pup as a gift...and to be, it is hoped, a brother for Coal when Coal and the family are reunited. In their grief, the happiness of a new pup named Lord Barkley of Little Wallop has brought sunshine and smiles. Thank you Kelli from the Messenger Board and Doodle owners and breeders everywhere for this exceptional gift and surprise; and for epitomizing doodles helping doodles.







"Cooper" - Found and Home after 7 hours!! 

"Cooper" - Lost in Mt. Sinai, Long Island, NY

Last seen Friday, December 31, 2010



Lost male Golden Doodle...name is Cooper..wandered off Friday Dec 31, 2010 on or near Shore Rd. wearing a Jets collar..family heartbroken..any info please call 631-721-7068  

Harlow is Found! 

I am so very happy to tell you that Harlow was found today!  She was in a hay/horse barn in a subdivision right behind our house.  We took her to the vet and she has checked out just fine! 

We are amazed that she is back at home with us.

Thank you for your posting in my time of need.  Its wonderful to know that there are websites like yours.

Thanks again 

"Harlow" - Lost in Arvada, Colorado
Last seen December 8, 2010 


Standard Apricot Long Curly Haired Goldendoodle
Microchipped: Yes
Weight: 75lbs
Sex: Female
Age: 1

She was struck by a car in Arvada, Colorado on 12.8.10 in the evening and she took off running after she was hit.  I haven't seen her since.  She was last seen at the cross streets of 75th and McIntyre in Arvada West area.

My contact info: Dina 303.408.9382

Any Doodle owner or friend of a Doodle owner (family, rescue organization, colleague, etc.) may submit a Lost or Found Doodle for this page.  The sooner we recieve the information, the sooner it can be posted.  This page is a collaborative effort of the Goldendoodles.com, International Doodle Owners Rescue (IDog), Rescue Resource Collective, and the Doodle Messenger.  The members and friends of these organizations hope to bring owners and dogs together again.  Communication about the immediacy of placing a Doodle on this page includes e-discussion at the highest levels of each organization.
Doodles can go missing because they are literally lost and confused, stolen, or visiting a new and unfamiliar area, or by venturing over or under a fence or electronic device.  The more information the family can report to local authorities, including animal control and humane societies in the area, the better.  You should include such information as type, color, size, build, area lost, microchip, collar color, tags, distingusihing marks, medical conditions, and contact numbers for the family. Please be sure to include the dog's call name.  The easier it is for people to "spot" a Doodle, the better.  Leave no leaf unturned on behalf of these Doodles.  They are at risk the moment they have left the place called "home."
Put yourself in the place of owners of lost dogs, or people who have found a Doodle and want to get it home.  Simply provide or encourage friends to put the Doodle's name, dates and times of the lost or the found, tag, age, size, color, build, distinguishing characteristics, medical conditions, tattoo,
microchip, behaviors etc. and e-mail our webmaster, greeniesgs@comcast.net) or e-agent (doxjpl@comcast.net)  with a photograph if possible, and the name of the family and the best telephone numbers to reach the owners.  It's o.k. to be a busy-body if you see a fully grown new Doodle in your dog park...if it looks like one of these, introduce yourself, ask about the Doodle, call the owners, they will contact the local authorities based on information you provide.  Dogs can be moved many thousands of miles from the places they are reported lost.  Please, keep this site as one to visit often. The owners are counting on fellow Doodle owners to help.
Check your local and or state adoptable dog sites to see if you find a match if a Doodle is lost in your area.  Administrators of collaborating organizations and the e-agent and webmaster for the Doodle Messenger are able to send information back and forth about Doodles posted here or removal of a Doodle from this page.  Any of these people can also be contacted through their own administrative offices and email addresses about placement on this page.
To place a lost or found Doodle, or any 'oodle mix, on this page, email our webmaster at greeniesgs@comcast.net, or our e-agent at doxjpl@att.net


We all have mothers.  Help find this mother of Doodles


"Lexi" - Lost in Oak Hills, California

Lost White Standard Poodle.  Last Seen corner of Coyote and Farmington Streets in Oak Hills CA. Lost October 14th. Her name is Lexi. She is 9 years old. She is currently shaved close. She is sweet and friendly. Wearing Orange Collar and pink bandana when lost. No tags, but chipped. Please contact Melanie 707-227-7234 or locally Jerry 760-403-3922. Lexi is a cherished famiily member and we will provide a generous reward for her safe return.

 "Alvin/Oliver" - Lost in Fishkill, NY Area

 Alvin/Oliver was last seen in the vicinty of the GAP Distribution Center near Rte. 52 and heading towards Rte 9.  Local Animal Control has committed to being very active in trying to find Alvin.  They've provided the following telephone number for his rescue:

Animal Control:  845-831-4440

Rescue Coordinator/Contact:  845-750-0904 

Alvin, he was rescued from death row in Georgia and on his way to his new life. We want to find him and get him back on the road to home once more! 

"John Coffey" - Lost in Chiefland, Florida 

Located on the West Coast of Central Florida 

He is 1 year old, 54lbs, black and extremely friendly.  He was not micro-chipped.  He got out their gate when the meter reader came through and not one sighting of him since then.  He went missing on July 20th and is missed by his family.

Please call 352-871-7651 if you have any information.

The owner's e-mail is:  kcasonhunter@yahoo.com 


                                "Regan" -   LOST in Rockville, MD 

Regan, a chocolate labradoodle, got away from the family taking care of her for the vacationing owners.  She is VERY TIMID with people, especially men, and likely won't come to a person.  However she loves other dogs so they could be the best way to corral her.  She was reported lost Saturday evening in the Aspen Hill area of Rockville.  By now she could be anywhere as she is looking for some place to feel safe.

Please contact Jan at 301-588-5274 or jsapp1@verizon.net with any information.  Thanks very much.

"Justin" aka "Beau" - LOST in New York, New York

Springville Just in Time, aka Justin or Beau was born 1-31-2009. He is microchipped via AVID. He is cream/apricot in color and 16" tall and 24 lbs. He was last seen in the West Village/Tribeca area. Please contact his owner with any information.

Eileen Robert
New York, New York
915-539-7800 (c)
212-727-3780 (h)

 "Lucky" - LOST in Redding, California

Our family pet is missing. He is a miniature goldendoodle. I'm about 5'4" tall and he comes up to about my knee. He's blonde with long matted fur (needs to be groomed) but looks healthy and happy. VERY friendly. Comes to the name Lucky. When lost he was wearing a green print collar with a blue bone shaped dog license. The address on the tag is correct, the phone number is no good. Lost in the Garden Tract in down town Redding about a week ago. He escaped out of the back yard fence and ran off.
If you've seen him please call (530) 276-6334...ask for Chris or Windy. If you have him or know who does PLEASE bring him home to us...his family (including 2 young children) miss him very much.

 "Tug"  - FOUND and RE-HOMED!!

     "Tug" - LOST in Jamestown North Dakota

This Labradoodle by the name of Tug is missing from Prairie Paws Rescue in Jamestown, ND. He is very shy and got spooked by the heavy winds. Not wearing a collar or tags. Please contact us if you find him.

Kaye John


     "Tanner" - FOUND on April 24th in Wilmington, Massachusetts!! 




 Tanner is a 5 year old neutered, 50 lb male black/gray goldendoodle. He has a white spot on his chest and was wearing a blue collar with a white paw/bone pattern and id tags. His appearance is a bit lean, but he has not been groomed lately and so his coat is a bit longer, which could hide his leanness.

**Update** We are so glad that Tanner is back with his family where he belongs. A big thank-you to everyone for keeping a look out for him!

Resources for Lost and Found Doodles

Animal Communicators

Mary Marshall http://medicinehorsewoman.com/

Maia Kincaid - Holistic Intuition http://maiakincaid.com/

Shannon Gross http://www.shannongross.com/

Sites for Lost Pets
Some of these sites need membership or have associated fees. Others are free. All are worth a try.

Pet Harbor http://petharbor.com/
Lost and Pound http://www.lostandpound.com/
Find Toto http://www.findtoto.com/
Sherlock Bones http://www.sherlockbones.com/
Fido Finder http://www.fidofinder.com/
Pet Amber Alert http://www.petamberalert.com/
Lost Pet Resources http://www.caryn.com/francis/francis-search.html
American Humane http://www.americanhumane.org/
Lost Pet USA Facebook page