2nd Edition Doodle Cards

$15 plus$3 shipping, U.S. and Canada only.  Order at Oodles of Doodles: http://www.doodlerescuecollective.com/

We thank Lynne Fowler for allowing our orders to go through this site.




Pee Doodles by Jennifer Rudkin available until 4/15

Female Peeing Doodle also available:

                      A New Fundraiser



The wonderful and generous (not to mention talented) Jennifer Furjanic has come up with another fund-raiser for The Doodle Messenger. Here's Jen:

“Have a heart ~ help a doodle” fund raiser!

I am excited to offer a fundraiser to help the doodle families on the Doodle Messenger!  There are so many in need right now and this is our chance to help!!


JAMBERRY NAILS are the newest way to accessorize your fingers and toes.  They are a decorative film covering you apply at home for beautiful salon quality nails.  We have over 250 unique designs ~ something for everyoneJ  Each sheet is $15.00 and provides 2 manicures.  They are BUY 3 GET 1 FREE, plus FREE SHIPPING!!  They can be ordered from my website and shipped directly to you.


For this fundraiser, I’ll donate my commission, 30% of all sales until April 22, 2012, to be split between the doodles in need!!  If you help by having an online/catalog party or joining our Jamberry Team, I’ll donate an additional amountJ


Jamberry Nails are perfect for casual wear, weddings, kids, teens, birthday gifts, sports ~ you name it!  We also have Autism, Breast Cancer & Pay It Forward charity shields and $2.00 from each sheet goes to the charity!!


Shop my webpage at: www.jenfurjanic.jamberrynails.net to see all of our designs.  Place an order and be sure at checkout to choose “Doodle Messenger” when asked if it’s associated with a party.


Try a fun, new spring look and help our doodle friends!! Thank you for caring,  Jen, Cody & Bucketz