Update - Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sorry it has taken so long for me to do this but I wanted to give you an update on Missy.  She had a follow up appointment last week to have the sutures removed.  She is healing very well and will have the fixator taken off in about 3 more weeks.  We did have a small issue with the bandage that was taken off.  The vet assistant had wrapped it too tight causing it to cut into her skin and muscle tissue.  It had been that way a couple of days before her appointment.  The vet had told us at her last appointment to leave it alone so we had.  When we noticed it the night before her appointment it had gotten so bad the infection was causing a very foul odor.  The vet cleaned it, told us to peroxide it twice a day, gave her more antibiotics and then CHARGED US  for the extra attention she needed.  I thought we had found a vet that actually cared and he might but his business practices are not what I would call customer friendly.  But Missy's new wound is almost healed and it may not leave a scar.  She is so ready to start chasing lizards again.  It is getting harder and harder to keep her still so that is a good sign.

Again I want to thank everyone for all the support both financially and emotionally.  It really means a lot when humans can come together like this for an animal.  It gives everyone faith in human kindness.  We hope one day to be able to return the kindness.


Missy had her surgery - Thursday, May 25, 2011


Just an update on surgery.  Missy did great today.  She came through the surgery with flying colors.  Everyone at the vet's office was talking about what a sweet puppy and how she should be unable to walk due to the medicine.  She came walking out to us with the cone on her head, bumping into things because she couldn't see around it.  She has a follow up on Tues, 10 days after that and 1 month after that.  The procedure was a little different due to the fact that the bone had started to heal partially.  A metal external brace was implanted onto the bone that will come off when completely healed.  She brought 3 different meds and needs to be on a leash whenever she tries to get up.  The key to recovery now is no movement in leg period.  Any slight movement will cause the brace to shift and could cause the break to heal into what is essentially a third joint in her leg.


The important thing is to keep her down and calm and keep the wound clean on a daily basis.  Even with everything that has happened she is in good spirits at least until she learns she can't chase lizards for a while!!   LOL  That's her favorite thing to do.


We took this picture as soon as we got her home and again I want to stress to everyone that helped how much we appreciate what you have done for us and Missy.  I'll keep sending updates after every appointment and if anything major happens along the way.





This is Missy's Story


Name  Missy

Type   Labradoodle

Age  10 mos

Owner: David and Sissy



We rescued Missy from a neglectful home in December 2010.  She was such a sweet puppy, we couldn’t resist.  We did not want or need another dog but one look at her and we knew we couldn’t take the chance of someone getting her that wouldn’t love her.  She became an instant loving and loved member of our family.  We have a mini-Italian Greyhound-Chihuahua mix and she thinks he is her pet.  She walks him on his leash.  They are very cute together.

On May 6, around 5:30 pm, Missy was playing with our daughter and her friends.  She jumped in the air to get one of her toys and when she landed she slipped in a small puddle of water and broke her right rear leg.  She is such a good puppy that she didn’t do anything but whimper.  She has never howled or tried to bite anyone from the pain. We took her to the emergency hospital in town where they splinted her leg, medicated her and kept her overnight to monitor her.  This cost us $556 which we paid out of our June rent money. To make matters worse, David, our dad/husband was hit by a truck last year while he was on his bicycle.  He has been unable to work since then.  Even lifting Missy has been extremely painful.

Everyone at the hospital told us what a wonderful dog she is.  Even there where she didn’t know anyone she was sweet and good.  They called her the “leg dog”.  The emergency vet told us she had a 40% chance of proper healing if we did not get the surgery to have the pin placed on her bone.  He called the break a “mid fib/tib spiral fracture” and the surgery would cost about $2500.  He referred us to Dr. Groves who confirmed the diagnosis and gave us a dramatic discount to make the procedure easier to afford, but we still cannot come up with the money.  We were told optimum time for the surgery was within the week.  Friday May 13 is a week.  I spoke to the Dr. today and he is telling us that next week would not be ideal but better than not at all.

We love Missy and don’t want our financial difficulties to cause her a hardship either now or in the future.  All we want is for her to be well and healthy and back to herself. Right now she is so medicated we are afraid she will fall again if she gets up and no one is around.  She is on a pain pill and two tranquilizers a day to keep her as inactive as possible so she does not re-injure the leg. 

I hate begging for money but I have contacted so many different organizations trying to find a way to cover the vet bill.  It isn’t Missy’s fault but I don’t know what will happen if we can’t find a way to help her.  Anything that would get the Dr. started would be a big help.  Our entire family would be so grateful, especially the kids, they miss being able to play soccer with her.

I have included a picture of the break and one of Missy..  She is cute as she can be even splinted up like she is.


More on Missy

Missy has what is known as a spiral fracture.  This is not just a clean break as most of us are familiar with.  It continues around the bone and, therefore needs pins to give the bone strength both during and after healing.


About Missy



 Missy has had her surgery which was totally paid for thanks to contributions from you.  She is still a little tender, but well on her way to be totally healed.  Thanks to all those who helped

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