About Cody


Doodle Information:



Age 8



Jennifer & John

 Please send donations directly to Dr. Kirmayer.  The address and phone number are below:

Alan Kirmayer, DVM – Animal Hospital of Rye

2875 Valley Road, Marysville, PA  17053


Email: vet – alankirmayer@vetcor.com

   Office mgr – jbishop@vetcor.com




Cody and his daddy


Cody and his mommy:


Cody and his favorite “toy” – his bone.  He has one every evening and when he was a puppy I would have to hold it for hours while he chewed on it!


Cody and his best friend- his brother Bucketz:


The day I ran across “goldendoodles” while googling the best dogs for people with allergies, I would have never believed how our lives would change.  We fell in love with them and were lucky to find someone local selling a litter of them.  There were 3 black ones left and a little cream guy who seemed to keep to himself.  We sat on the floor and he came over and curled up in my lap.  He did the picking and luckily, he picked US!


He has been the best puppy and dog you could want.  He went all through his classes and achieved his CGC designation.  Always the hit of the class and teacher’s petJ  When he was two, he seemed so lonely being home all day while we worked.  He adopted Bucketz

who was a re-home through IDOG.  They quickly grew to be best friends and are inseparable. 


Lucky for us, I stumbled on the IDOG site and was looking through the different doodles and the info on each.  We contacted one owner for info on therapy training and she told us about the Doodle Zoo.  We are so proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization! They are the most caring group of people and we have grown close to so many of them around the country. I love to combine my love of doodles and crafts and I try to make a memory scrapbook or framed collage for all the doodles that have gone too soon.  I also do as much fundraising for IDOG and the Messenger as I can.  While I make each one with such love, I never dreamed we might be faced with a similar situation.


Life was going well and all in all, they were both happy and healthy doodles.  On Sunday, January 12, 2014, John was petting Cody and as he was holding his face, he noticed his lymph nodes in his neck felt big.  Too big.  We took him to the vet the next day thinking he had a cold.  She knew almost immediately that he had lymphoma.  I could barely drive home.  He was acting fine.  How could he be this sick inside?  The following Saturday we went to a oncology vet and he was diagnosed as Stage 3 lymphoma. His scans of his body are clear, his blood work is normal and on the outside he’s a happy, playful boy.  He had way too much in his favor to give up. 


He got his first chemo treatment before we left the office! While we knew we were not in a financial situation to pay for it, we had to try.  Cody has given us so very much in these 8 years, we have to give him all we can.  We both have full time jobs and a mortgage and typical bills – just like most doodle parents.  His bills to diagnose him this week alone were over $1,200.  The chemo protocol will be around $5,000.  We will try our best to get it paid.  If we are blessed with donations from any of our doodle friends, you have our word that we will pay it forward.  In every way we can.


Please keep our sweet Cody and your thoughts and prayers that this will allow him to grow old with us and BucketzJ