The Doodle Messenger Founding Board

The members of the Founders Board are all volunteers.  All are connected to Doodle communities in a variety of ways, including by ownership of a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle.  There will always be an odd-number of board members for majority rule voting on submissions of Doodles in Need.

The Board will consist of 5 members who will e-gather and communicate. The Board will select one board member as the e-agent to give and receive information between and among submitters, owners, and veterinarians.  Only that board member's e-mail is provided on this Doodle Messenger Website.

The term of a board member will be one year unless other, unforseen circumstances exist to maintain a longer period of time as a Board member.  Nightly and weekend access to check computerized information, exchange materials, and hold e-voting is critical in thinking about applying as a board member.  From time to time Founding board members may resign, an opening on the board will be posted as VACANT BOARD POSITION, and acts as a call for e-mailed candidate self submissions.  At this time there are no vacant positions.

Should a Founders board member unexpectedly encounter major illness or injury with a Doodle they might own, they are not excluded from submitting for assistance, OR, having someone submit on their behalf.  They will be removed from voting on the submission, however, which will exclude the e-public board member from voting also, leaving three voting members for a majority of two. Following the voting process, that board member may return and retain full day to day responsibilities with the Doodle Messenger. 


Dr. Judith P. LaVorgna
Founder Board Member
Mom to Trac, Gus, and Gypsy Doodles

Vicki Sacks
Founder Board Member

Mom to Zip, Zeus, Zoe, Zinc & Zooter

Karan Johnson
Founder Board Member

Mom to Nick

Susan Salzer

Founder Board Member
Mom to Shayna
For webmaster inquiries, and to submit applications, contact me at greeniesgs@comcast.net

Regina England
Board Member
Mom to Hurley

Debbie Staudacher
Board Member

Mom to Sun Dog and Barney



Monthly Columnists:

Chuck Holliman
Doodle owner, dad to Rusty of Rusty's Cancer Chronicles
Documenting Rusty's Journey with Cancer