About Doodles

This dog, often heralded as "The Designer Dog," is not, however, that to its owner.  It is a funny, sometimes goofy, keen, furry, friendly, always interacting, well-loved member of its human family.

It often attends Doodle Romps, goes on vacation with its family, hikes, rides in boats, competes in agility, runs in off-leash parks, participates in reading programs, sleeps in the children's bedrooms, plows through the snow, dabs in mud, slips through the sand, swims, and becomes, to virtually all who own one, an endeared member of the family.  Many are trained Service and Therapy Dogs.  Some families have multiple Doodle kids!

Doodles come in large, medium and small, curly, tight, wooly, or wavy coat, and coats of many colors.  Call the Doodle a mutt (grr), but it is also a truly wonderful cross of retriever and poodle with the best attributes of both.  Ask any owner - you'll see!  Spoiled (pat, pat) sometimes, but always returning love.

As with any other breed, serious medical care for Doodles over a lifetime could include cancer treatment, seizures, overwhelming disease, amputation, unexpected blindness, stroke, diabetes, all these and more.  A fast car turning into the driveway unexpectedly meeting that loving body of a Doodle...yes, the unknown, unplanned for, medical event all of us fear.  

Some owners have insurance, and some do not.  Insurance does not cover bills in their entirety.  There is no resource save the unexpected kindness of Doodle friends in so many of these cases.  Should humane euthanasia be the only solution, we want owners to know someone cared and tried to help.  This page, therefore, is only a messenger, bearing information on Doodles In Need and the location to mail or telephone a donation.