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         About The Doodle Messenger


Please see "Bailey Goldendoodle" on the left hand column.  He is our newest Doodle in Need, and is really special, as all our dogs are.  Please send help directly to Bailey's veterinarian.  Bailey thanks you now.



See Bailey's update.  Click on left hand column.



The Doodle Messenger is announcing a benefit available to all of our readers... 

We are proud to partner with Petplan, America’s #1 pet insurance provider according to independent customer reviews on PetInsuranceReview.com.  

Our unique strategic partner promo code is DOODLE which provides an additional 5% partner discount on top of the standard 5% website discount!  This applies to all dog breeds.  Just use the DOODLE code.  If you already have Petplan, be sure to notify the company by telephone when you renew and your discount using "Doodle" will also apply. For every new Doodle who is signed up with Petplan the company will donate $25.00 to the fund which goes directly and equally to each Doodle on The Doodle Messenger!  We understand this is the season of miracles. Not only a discount, but, how lucky we are to have met a corporation with not only momentum, but a heart, and willing to extend that to so many of our doodle owners in need, contemplating insurance or not. If you are not a person who uses pet insurance, perhaps you will tell friends of the kindness of this particular company. 

Here is the link for further instructions and a summary of PetPlan policies:  DOODLE INSURANCE 



Does Your Doodle Have Cancer?


The Doodle Messenger has been asked to notify Doodle owners (and owners of other types of dogs and cats) that Texas A&M's Veterinary School has established a Cancer Registry to link owners of dogs with Cancer to Clinical Trials.  Registering your dog with TCVM's registry under the auspices of Dr. Terry Fossum, DVM Surgery, will assist them and you in finding locations and matches for existing and upcoming trials toward cures.  Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs.  The form to register your dog is on the TCVM site along with a great deal of other information regarding dogs with cancer.

This is the first time a national registry has been initiated.  If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, please, register now. 

 Texas A & M Veterinary Cancer Research link



From Ann about Sully:
I have shared in difficult days
because I want everybody to know,
There Is Always Hope.
Even in the face of terminal diagnosis....don't lose hope!
I am so thankful for every day I have had with Sully
since that day of diagnosis.
Working with cancer patients every day,
we know how that diagnosis impacts you.
We know how hard it is to find hope.
Sully is living proof to so many
that you should never give up!

  The Doodle Messenger is a website where Goldendoodle, Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle owners, friends and family, corporations, pet insurance companies,  organizations, breeders, medical supply companies, veterinarians, groomers, and next door neighbors can come to donate (bark, bark) for a Doodle who is in urgent medical need with the bill perhaps staggering, and the outcome possibly, unknown or terminal. It is a place where Doodles and their families can be assisted with financial support in an immediate way that helps the owner realize that others care.  Care deeply.

This is not a not for profit.  It is a charity from your heart.  This is where we read about others' troubles and go, "Whew, it's not us" as we open our hearts and wallets to help as much or as little as we can.  It is a page where Doodles and their families may find a world of unexpected financial kindness.  Even a small donation is valued in a critical illness or injury where monetary support is often needed to find either a cure or an on-going treatment toward a Doodle's quality of life.  Your donation will be made to the primary Veterinarian of the dog (little tail wag), thus going directly to the care of the dog and a reduction of the bill to the owner. 







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